At Smiggle, we’re passionate about getting kids excited about school and fostering a life-long love of learning. We also believe in the power of positivity, encouraging our young fans to believe in themselves, express their individuality and most importantly, be kind to others!

We take immense pride in supporting communities, charities and initiatives that help families and children in need, especially whilst they’re on their educational journey. Here’s just some of the remarkable organisations Smiggle currently supports. We’d love for you to get involved too!

Smiggle is proud to be a long-standing official charity partner of anti-bullying organisation Dolly's Dream in Australia.

Smiggle believes it’s important that all kids feel safe and confident at school, so they can be their best in the classroom, out on the playground, and when they’re learning online. And we think the very best way to prevent and reduce bullying is to always choose kindness.

Smiggle and Dolly's Dream have created a Choose Kindness badge and keyring that you can purchase with all proceeds going to Dolly's Dream and their important anti-bullying programs.

Dolly’s Dream Support Line A free and confidential bullying and mental health support line where no referral is needed and is open 24/7 to anyone who needs support. Call 0488 881 033 to connect with a qualified counsellor.

Dolly’s Dream Workshops A range of online safety and anti-bullying workshops that can be tailored to students of all ages, as well as parents, teachers and the general community.

Dolly’s Dream Cyber Safety App Beacon is a free app which provides families with trustworthy, practical resources to help them confidently navigate their children’s technology use and reduce associated harms.

Dolly’s Dream Parent Hub A free online information hub where the research has been done for you. Read about the most trusted information sources about online safety and bullying.

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation is an extraordinary not-for-profit organisation in Australia that is dedicated to helping children and young people live free from violence and trauma wherever they live, learn and play. Through care, prevention and advocacy, they fight for a child’s right to be safe, so their future is strong.

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s best-known symbols of support are their Buddy Bags. Buddy Bags are backpacks thoughtfully packed for vulnerable children across Australia experiencing crisis, trauma, or doing it tough in emergency foster care. These children often arrive scared and alone, separated from parents or siblings, with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing. When they open their Buddy Bag, the first thing they see is a teddy bear, followed by essentials from a toothbrush and toothpaste to PJs, underwear and educational products.

Smiggle is proud to be the Foundation’s Official Buddy Bag Partner. Since 2019, Smiggle has provided complimentary products for inclusion in the Buddy Bag program, and from 2023 has expanded its support by manufacturing and supplying 9,000 Giggle backpacks to be used in the Buddy Bag Program.

For children in need one backpack can mean the world.

KidsCan is a New Zealand charity dedicated to helping Kiwi kids in need. They believe education offers a pathway out of poverty, and know children can’t learn if they're cold, wet, or hungry. By providing shoes, clothes, nutritious food and health items through schools and preschools nationwide, KidsCan aim to give every child the fair start they deserve.

Smiggle proudly raises funds for KidsCan, through the sale of a Choose Kindness Keyring, with all proceeds supporting these programmes:

Food Programme: Kids can’t learn when they are hungry. KidsCan provides nutritious breakfast, snack and lunch foods to over 50,000 hungry school kids every day, helping to fuel their learning and sustain them throughout the day.

Clothing programme: We know that on cold, rainy days some kids do not come to school. Or they turn up wet, shivering and unable to learn. KidsCan provides brand new warm jackets and sturdy quality shoes and socks so that kids arrive at school warm and dry, no matter the weather.

Health programme: Kids can't learn if they are unwell or uncomfortable. KidsCan’s basic health items help keep them healthy, confident and able to focus in class. KidsCan provides a limited range of hygiene items to schools and preschools, including hand sanitiser and headlice treatment.

Early childhood programme: The early years are crucial to development so KidsCan programmes begin right from Preschool. KidsCan provides under 5’s with freshly prepared meals, jackets, shoes and basic health items to help preschoolers get the best possible start. Smiggle and KidsCan have created a Choose Kindness keyring that you can purchase for just $2 with all proceeds going to KidsCan and these important programmes.

The Diana Award is proud to be the only charity set up in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales and her belief that young people have the power to change the world. The Diana Award’s mission is to empower young people to lead that change through a range of initiatives which unlock children’s potential, inspire action and create opportunities, ensuring that no young person is left out or left behind.

Did you know that a staggering 83% of children experience bullying in the UK? The Diana Award is on a mission to change that statistic. The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Programme engages young people, parents, and teachers in a united effort to reshape attitudes, behaviours, and the very culture surrounding bullying. By empowering kids through targeted school programmes, they equip them with the skills and confidence needed to confront bullying head-on, whether it occurs online or offline.

Smiggle and The Diana Award have created a Choose Kindness keyring that you can purchase with all proceeds going to the Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Programme, and as part of their support for young people and their families.

Smiggle is also proud to have provided product support to these amazing charities and continues to help children’s educational and anti-bullying causes wherever we can.